Our new digital moisture measurement sensor on the market

The BMMS moisture measurement sensor combines the innovative advantages of the digital DMMS system and the “simplicity” of analog moisture measurement sensors


Compact & Smart

Sensor only! No evaluation unit is required

Moisture sensor 1:1 exchangeable

No recalibration necessary when replacing the sensor

Calibration in the process

Sensor calibration in already mounted position

Direct output signal

Analogue standard signal 4...20mA, directly from moisture senor



  • Capacitive moisture measurement
  • Temperature range of measuring material 4…80°C
  • Temperature compensation of the sensor electronics
  • Direct measured-values transfer from the sensor
  • Multipoint or polynomial calibration
  • Integrated filter settings
  • Comfortable, clear BMMScontrol calibration software
  • Automatic charge measurement
  • Moisture sensor is 1:1 exchangeable. No recalibration necessary


  • Integrated temperature measurement
  • Sensor for measurement in a silo
  • Sensor for measurement in a mixer
  • Digital measured value transfer RS485

Download datasheet (PDF)

The BMMS sensor with its integrated microprocessor establishes a transition between the DMMS system and the analogue moisture measuring sensor MMS. Beside a power supply this sensor only needs a display or a PLC which is waiting for its measuring value. The BMMS sensor has been designed for applications which do not need a multi-pieced system but benefit of a precise on-line calibration that is able to compensate the influences of the installation.

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Application-oriented solutions, integration kits or even almost simple accessories get the moisture sensors into the correct position to ensure the best measuring results!