Clay / Ceramics

Moisture Measuring Clay / Ceramics

Clay and kaolin (china clay), etc. are weathering degrees of feldspar and related minerals. These raw materials are the basic ingredients for the production of ceramic and porcelain. A distinction can be made between structural ceramics (such as roof tiles, bricks and tiles), pottery, stove and sanitary ceramics, as well as technical ceramics. The raw material for the production of technical ceramics is ceramic granulate that should be measured. The condition of clay in the production process of structural ceramic is a plastic mass. This kind of modelling clay-like, coarse-grained, quite non-homogeneous material requires optimal conditions for useful measuring results. The development of a broad range of integration kits shows best that ACO really has an idea of this issue. In many cases a moisture measurement could only be successfully installed by using one of ACO's special solutions.

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