Digital Moisture Measuring System

The DMMS (Digital Moisture Measuring System) by ACO combines great flexibility, easy installation and high comfort.

Moisture measurement for detecting the water content of bulk solids. The DMMS system is measuring the moisture via the capacitive measuring principle.

Up to 16 sensors

Easy extension due to bus-system

Calibration within the process

Sensor adjustment while already installed

Transfer of measuring values

Profibus DP or standard signal analog/digital

Different material

Every sensor can handle up to 16 material curves



  • Capacitive moisture measurement
  • Up to 16 Sensors per signal processing unit
  • Temperature range of measuring material: 4...80 °C
  • Measured-value transfer: Profibus DP or analoge standard signal (e.g. 4…20mA) optional
  • Switch material curve of sensor
  • Continuous measurement or batch operation


  • Certification for explosion-risk area, Ex zone 22
  • Sensor extended temperature range, up to 100°C
  • Sensor for measurement in silo
  • Sensor for measurement in mixer
  • Sensor housing made of acid proof stainless steel (1.4462)

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DMMS is especially suitable for challenging applications. Up to 16 sensors are able to communicate digitally with a central evaluation unit. Wiring becomes easy by using bus-technology. That makes it simple to upgrade the measuring points. The bus-system can manage a max. length of 1.200 meter which allows you to cover even spacious estates. The calibration is made on-line within the process, so after the sensor has already been implemented. As a result the influences caused by the assembly situation can be immediately detected and compensated. The kind of measurement can be chosen between constant and batch operation (via start and stop signal). It's also possible to change material (up to 16 different material curves/sensor). The transfer of the measuring values can be done digitally by Profibus DP or by standard signal (e.g. 4…20mA, 0..10V). If the sensor has to be exchanged the calibration curves can be completely adopted -there's no additional effort.

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