The key products of our delivery range are three moisture sensor families called ↓ DMMS, ↓ AMMS and ↓ MMS. For many applications it is necessary using one of ACO's various ↓ Integration Kits. And last but not least, we are also able to offer you a wide range of ↓ moisture meters and laboratory moisture analyzer. Your application has turned out to be really tricky or special? We are convinced we will be able to solve it! Our highly qualified and open minded developing team turns your guidelines into feasible and application-oriented solutions.

Measuring principle

ACO moisture sensors are mainly used for the continuous moisture measurement to determine the residual water content in real-time. The moisture sensors are working with the capacity measuring principle. The surface of the sensor is directly in contact with the measured material. Compared to other methods of moisture measuring this way has a big advantage: it is less affected by contamination, discoloration, particle size and temperature of the material.


The very robust ACO moisture sensors are made of high-grade steel. They are designed to cope with the toughest application. With little mechanical effort it can be additionally added to existing plants.

We offer several construction forms depending on the intended purpose. Accessories and an intensive consulting on-site is part of our delivery program.

Output signal

Depending on the kind of ACO moisture measuring system or sensor you will have the opportunity to use an analogue output signal and/or Profibus DP measuring signal. Thus it should be compatible with every existing process control system (PLC) and also with the newest ones.

Moisture Measurement for production processes

Moisture measurement for detecting the water content of bulk solids. The DMMS system is measuring the moisture via the capacitive measuring principle.


Digital Moisture Measuring System

The DMMS (Digital Moisture Measuring System) by ACO combines great flexibility, easy installation and high comfort.

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Moisture measurement for detecting the water content of bulk solids. The moisture sensors are working with the capacitive measuring principle. Measurable materials are: pellets, biomass, woodchips, sawdust, gypsum, grain, cocoa, coffee, concrete, sand ...


Compact Moisture Measuring Sensor

The AMMS sensor combines the advantages of calibration in the process with a direct measured-value transfer (e.g. 4…20mA) brought together in a compact version

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Capacitive moisture sensor for detecting the water content of bulk solids like: biomass, sawdust, woodchips, cocoa, coffee, grain, corn, gypsum, sand, concrete, slag sand, sludge, waste glass and many more.


Universal Moisture Measuring Sensor

Moisture measuring sensor with measured-value transfer by standard signal (e.g. 4…20mA or 0..10V).

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Application-oriented solutions, integration kits or even almost simple accessories get the moisture sensors into the correct position to ensure the best measuring results!