SFM1_HACK - Compaction unit

Pneumatic compaction unit for wood chips and sawdust

Moisture sensor for detecting the water content of wood chips and sawdust in the biomass- / pelletproduction. Mounting position: Free material fall!

Flexible mounting

Various ways of installation/mounting of SFM1_HACK possible

From fine to coarse

Ability to measure various material grading: fine, medium & coarse

Just tidy

Based on the optimized design the transport of the material is garanteed

Moisture sensor mounted into a compaction unit for measuring the moisture of wood chips and sawdust in the pellet production. The compaction unit guarantees constant process conditions (constant material height and density).


  • Ideal material conditions for on-line moisture measurement
  • Usable for various material
  • Subsequently applicable in already existing plants
  • Automatic cleaning of sensor surface
  • Optional: turnkey control cabinet for triggering compaction unit

Download datasheet (PDF)

The compaction unit SFM1_HACK is specially designed for the determination of residual moisture also of coarse material in the free fall. While the pneumatic cylinder moves the "back panel" of the SFM1_HACK the falling down material can be compacted and pushed across the ACO moisture sensor in constant conditions. The measuring surface is cleaned automatically. The constant density and steady dumping height of the material enables great measuring results. The SFM1_HACK can be mounted by means of moldings or tubes directly at the dryer entrance but also it can be fixed to a wall (e.g. of a drop shaft). Flanges, screws and cover plate are included in delivery.

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