Custom-made Integration kits

We are ready to venture in new directions according to your demands!

Custom-made Integration kits
Custom-made Integration kits


  • Specially tailored on customer's needs
  • Design, size or function on demand
  • Design and presentation as 3D-model
  • Implementation in constultation with customer
  • Free selection of material (e.g. aluminium, steel, brass, V2A, V4A, plastic, etc.)
  • Experienced with several drive units (e.g. gear motor pneumatics, etc.)
  • In-built functionality possible (e.g. cooling, heating, etc.)

We have already gained great experiences and several mounting kits are based on these. They are successfully used all over the world. At times there are of course measuring points or material that are excluded. We are always ready to gain new experiences and deal with unknown material or unproved measuring points to make progress.
Together we can meet the challenges ahead!

We sketch preliminary ideas, talk about it based on a 3D-model, design and construct a special mounting kit and implement it into your production process. So you will get a special designed solution for on-line measurement, consisting of sensors, if necessary processing unit and special made mounting kit - from a single source!

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By the way:

Application-oriented solutions, integration kits or even almost simple accessories get the moisture sensors into the correct position to ensure the best measuring results!