SFM4 - Screw compaction unit

Screw compaction unit for installation in free fall of material

For detecting the water content of sawdust, constant measuring conditions are necessary. A part of the sawdust is passed out of the production process by the screw. Afterwards the sawdust will be pushed over the sensor surface with a constant material high and density.


Accurate moisture measurement realized by defined material conditions


SFM4 can be installed at almost every transition point


Partial flow is drained and the measurement takes place beyond the process

SFM4 Screw compaction unit for a capacitive moisture sensor. The bypass screw compaction unit guarantees constant measuring conditions (constant material height and density).


  • Ideal material conditions for the on-line moisture measurement
  • Flexible mounting of the bypass screw conveyor
  • Maintenance flap for taking samples
  • Subsequently applicable
  • Great experience in the field of saw dust


  • Length, height, dimensions of flanges on customer requirements
  • Version for explosion-risk areas (EX)

Download datasheet (PDF)

The SFM4 bypass screw compaction unit has to be placed in a free fall situation of material, e.g. in a drop shaft. A partial flow of this material is trapped in the first section of the compaction unit. The screw compactor compresses the material and conveys it into the second part of the unit, right across the installed ACO moisture sensor for the determination of the residual moisture. Then the material falls down through a drop pipe back into the process. Based on this constant and equal conditions (density, dumping height, etc...) precise measuring results are available.

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