TFM1 - Compaction unit

Hydraulic compaction unit for clay and loam

Moisture sensor for clay mounted into a hydraulic compaction unit. The Compaction unit guarantees constant process conditions while the moisture of clay is been measured (consant material heigt and density).


Accurate moisture measurement made possible by defined material conditions


Mounting of TFM1 at transition point, e.g. after grinder

Clearly arranged

Mechanical optimization instead of confusing data calculation

Electric control cabinet for moisture sensor measuring clay, mounted into a hydraulic compaction unit.


  • Compaction of coarse clay and loam
  • Constant material conditions
  • Periodic measurement, directly within the process
  • Automatic cleaning of the sensor surface
  • Optional: hydraulic aggregate with complete controlling unit for TFM1

Download datasheet (PDF)

The compaction unit TFM1 is specially designed for the determination of the residual moisture of clay and loam. Its hydraulic cylinder gives the compaction unit the power to work successfully for a long, long time. Prior the TFM1 is used after grinder or screen feeder. Thus a partial flow of the falling clay or loam is trapped, compressed and pushed over the ACO moisture measuring sensor. In the end the material just falls out of the TFM1 right back into the production process.

The constant and regular material conditions enable precise measuring results.

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