Humidity sensor / hygrometer

for industrial ambient temperature humidity measurement

Air humidity measurement for industrial use in production plants.
Air humidity measurement for industrial use in production plants.


  • Digital temperature and humidity measurement
  • Relative humidity measurement: 0...100%
  • Absolute humidity 0...130 g/m³
  • Temperature measuring range: -20...150°C
  • Pipe length humidity sensor: depending on type (100, 125, 500, 750mm, as well as other lengths possible against surcharge)
  • Standard output 4...20mA
  • Optional interfaces: USB and Ethernet outputs (type-dependent)

Humidity sensors (hygrometers) detect the water vapor content in the air surrounded by the humidity sensor. By means of a transmitter, the measured humidity value is converted into an electrical signal and then shown on the display.

A hygrometer measures the relative humidity of the air. The relative humidity describes the ratio of water vapor with respect to the maximum saturated vapor content at the corresponding ambient temperature.

The maximum saturation range of air is reached at a relative humidity value of 100%. The water vapor capacity at a higher value leads to the formation of condensation or mist.

Application fields:

Humidity transmitters are used in air conditioning and drying technology, wood processing, food, feed, construction and paper industries, printing, agriculture, biotechnology and medicine.

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