Comparing of ACO sensor families

Product Moisture measurement for detecting the water content of bulk solids. The DMMS system is measuring the moisture via the capacitive measuring principle. DMMS Moisture measurement for detecting the water content of bulk solids. The moisture sensors are working with the capacitive measuring principle. Measurable materials are: pellets, biomass, woodchips, sawdust, gypsum, grain, cocoa, coffee, concrete, sand ... AMMS Capacitive moisture sensor for detecting the water content of bulk solids like: biomass, sawdust, woodchips, cocoa, coffee, grain, corn, gypsum, sand, concrete, slag sand, sludge, waste glass and many more. MMS
Family Digital Moisture Meauring System Compact Moisture Measuring Sensor Universal Moisture Measuring Sensor
Physically measuring principle capacitive capacitive capacitive
Sensor Yes Yes Yes
Calibration software Yes Yes No
Evaluation unit Yes No No
Description Digital moisture measuring system with up to 16 sensors per evaluation unit. Switching material curve for each sensor. Wiring becomes easy by using bus-technology. Transfer of the measuring values by Profibus DP or by analogue signal. Calibration is done comfortable per software. Sensor with integrated microprocessor for digital evaluation of measuring values, in compact dimensions.No separate evaluation unit needed. Analogue output signals (e.g. 4...20mA) direct from sensor. Calibration is done comfortable per software or by integrated rotary encoder. Moisture measuring sensor with analogue measuring arrangement. Analoue output signals (4...20mA, 0...20mA or 0...10V). Calibration of the sensor has to be done by rotary potentionmeter, beyong the actual process.
Different material curves Yes No No
Averaging Yes Yes No
Temperature measuring Yes Yes Yes
Operating temperature 4...80°C / optional 4...100°C 4...70°C 4...50°C / optional 4...80°C
Certification optional ex zone 22 - -
Output signal Profibus DP standard / optional analogue output analogue output signal (e.g. 4..20mA, 0...10V) analogue output signal (e.g. 4..20mA, 0...10V)
Calibration via software with several material curves via software or integrated rotary encoder via integrated potentiometer
Kind of measuring continous and batch operation continous continuos
Measuring surface ceramic ceramic, teflon or rubber ceramic, teflon or rubber