Laboratory moisture meters

for water content determination of bulk solids in the laboratory

Laboratory moisture meters
Laboratory moisture meters


  • Gentle drying due to halogen heat source
  • Reliable and fast analysis results
  • Simple handling
  • Inexpensive quality


  • Initial weight: 53g - 71g
  • Repeatability at 2g initial sample weight: 0.15%
  • Repeatability at 5g initial sample weight: 0.05%
  • Display variants Water content: dry content, moisture content, ATRO dry content, weight in grams
  • Drying temperature: 50°C - 160 °C
  • Automatic and freely definable switch-off criteria

Laboratory moisture meters are suitable for determining the water content of bulk materials in the laboratory. The moisture meters determine the material moisture content using the drying principle (weight loss method). The evaluation time varies depending on the size of the material sample and the drying temperature set.

Laboratory moisture meters are used in a wide range of industries such as the biomass industry, the food industry, the chemical industry or the pharmaceutical industry.

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