Moisture meters

for a wide variety of bulk materials: biomass | pellets | wood chips | grain | salt ...

Moisture meters
Moisture meter for moisture measurement of food, feed, biomass and other agricultural products. By integrated moisture sensor, the moisture meter can measure the moisture of wheat, rye, barley, corn, salt, coffee, kako, pellets, wood chips and feed pellets.


  • Water content determination on delivery
  • Moisture value can be determined in real time during production or further processing
  • Optimization of the storage properties and the flow properties of your product with regard to the material moisture content
  • Verification of the calibration quality of online/inline moisture measurements in the production process


  • Application area biomass & agro-industry: wood chips | wood pellets | feed pellets ...
  • Application range Food: Grain | Salt | Corn | Rye | Wheat ...
  • Various designs possible: pouring buckets, piercing lances, contact sensors ...

By using mobile moisture meters, the water content of many bulk materials can be measured. The measurement result is shown on the display immediately after filling the sample or piercing a lance. By piercing or filling the samples, the material is not changed and can be added to the production process again after the measurement (non-destructive water content determination).

The majority of moisture meters are used to check product quality. Here, quality assurance by means of random sample measurements is used during production or further processing. Another core application of moisture meters is the determination of the water content upon delivery of the raw material (incoming goods inspection).

If a moisture measurement system that is permanently installed in the process is used in the production plant, the use of a moisture measuring device enables rapid verification of the calibration. Moisture sensors that continuously measure the water content in production are calibrated to the product before installation or directly in the production process to the product and the process.

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Application-oriented solutions, integration kits or even almost simple accessories get the moisture sensors into the correct position to ensure the best measuring results!